Historical Tours

Mardakan tower

There are two ancient fortresses city in Mardakan. One of them was built in the XII century by son of Shirvanshah Manuchehr  Akhistan is of four-cornered shape and the castle.

Temple of fire – Ateshgah

The Temple of Fire Ateshgah is located 30 km from Baku, in the south-eastern part of the settlement of Surakhani of absheron Peninsula. Ateshgah was built in the place of

Nardaran Tower

It is round tower white stone tower built in Nardaran in the 14th century. The height of the tower, architect of which was Mahmud Sadi oglu, is 12.5 meters.

Ramana Tower

It is a tower in Ramana village of Baku, related to XVI century. The tower height is 15 meters. The exact date of construction of the tower which was built of white stone, is unknown.

Shirvanshah Palace

Palace complex, which was built in XV century during the Shirvanshah Ibrahim Khalilullah.

Maiden Tower

It is the most majestic and mysterious monument of architecture of Baku and the Absheron peninsula, as well.

Inner city (Old city)

Old City is located in the center of Baku. The area is 22 ha. There are more than 50 historical and architectural monuments of different periods in the Old City.


Within recent years, as a result of archaeological research and excavations conducted jointly by Korean specialists and Azerbaijani scientists new and unidentified pages of the history of Gabala are discovered.


One of the most ancient and rich history monuments of the Baku city is the world-famous rock depictions of Gobustan


It is located in Shamakhi region in village Maraza, at foothill of mountain. It is two-storied


After the missionary in the Chola province, Elysee comes to village Kish in the Uti province builds there a temple

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