Temple of fire – Ateshgah

Baku City

The Temple of Fire Ateshgah is located 30 km from Baku, in the south-eastern part of the settlement of Surakhani of absheron Peninsula. Ateshgah was built in the place of eternal unquenchable fires in VII-XVIII centuries, at place of natural gas outlet. The earliest construction of the temple, stable relates to 1713 AD, and the central temple-worship was built on funds of merchant Kanjanaqara in 1810.Surakhani Ateshgah consisted of the temple itself, cells of Indian pilgrims and rooms. Ateshgah was built by local craftsmen on the plan of Indians, who ordered this monument.In general, Ateshgah looks like city karvansaray for its structure. For its architectural style the monument reflects Median time fire worships widespread in Azerbaijan. However, it retained the features of some Indian temples.

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